Lorelei Burgess


Uh, last I checked I was 5’ 5", but maybe I’ve grown? Oh wait, probably not. I dye my hair black, though it’s naturally quite dark anyway.


I’m a writer, or journalist, whichever you prefer. I think ‘writer’ sounds more professional. ‘Journalist’ just seems to make people nervous. Earn myself a fair wage (I live comfortably in my shit flat, anyway) and working from home is handy when you can’t fucking leave your house during the day.

Since the night I was bitten (the night I regret being a flirt) I see things that I can’t explain and that sometimes never seem to mean anything. Like donuts or something.

I go between moods pretty sharply, I dunno why, but it’s not like they feel unnatural.

Lorelei Burgess

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