Orchid Bright


Orchid Bright appears to be a petite girl of seventeen. She has pale skin, bright green eyes and dyed purple hair. Her style could be described as gothic. She tends to act shyly and demurely around people she does not know very well.


Orchid was born in 1957, to a strict, religious family in rural Nottinghamshire. She had two older brothers, and by the time she was ten, she had a younger brother and a younger sister. Her parents were not cruel, or abusive, but they were distant, they were cold, and they severely punished any behaviour they considered to be wrong or indecent.

In 1972, when she was fifteen, Orchid was propositioned by her teacher, Daniel Booth. She was terrified, having been taught all her life that pre-marital sex was wrong. But she was also excited, finding the danger and the rebellion strangely arousing. She took the teacher up on his offer. Partway through, the pair were caught by the school’s headteacher, Mrs Sally Wainwright. Booth was fired, and Orchid was expelled. Her parents were aghast, and after the most painful flogging of her life, Orchid was confined to her room.

This liaison with Booth had awakened something in Orchid, however. She escaped from her home and headed into the city of Nottingham. There, she lived on the street, and soon ended up offering sex for money, food and favours. She also began to experiment with alternate identities, partially to keep abreast of the law, moreso because she found the idea exhilirating.

In 1974, Orchid was approached by a young man named Damian Black. Black took Orchid back to his home, and there, attacked her. Orchid had not realised that her latest suitor was a vampire of the La Sombra clan. When the young woman awoke, she was a vampire herself.

Black tried to help Orchid integrate into the clan, but she felt like an outsider. She was also in a terrible turmoil; she had become a demon, just like the ones her parents always warned her against. Was it because of her rebellious, wicked nature?

Soon, however, Orchid embraced the darkness. The most sinister aspects of her personality took her over. She became a sadomasochistic nymphomaniac, craving sexual contact even though she had no use of it, and longing to both hurt and be hurt. She also continued her habit of creating alternate personas, the most prevalent being a nurse at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Orchid Bright

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