Colin Cormack

Lost in a strange new world.


21 year old uni student… ex-uni student.
Thin, 5’10" with medium length unkept hair. In desperate need of help, information, and a new set of clothes.
Colin was lost, frightened and feeling extremely vulnerable until he chanced upon the group.


Colin was on his way home from work. It wasn’t great, but it kept him going while he was at uni. It was late at night, and he had the next 2 and a half days free from any commitments. He intended to head back north to see his mum, but she hadn’t returned his call for the past few days, and he wasn’t going to take the long train ride if he was just wasting his time. Besides, he had some stuff to catch up with for his Computer Game Design course, and it wasn’t asif he had anything social to do here. 2 years to go…
Well, he hoped he could. If Issabella kept playing her weird music so loud he had no chance. He had liked the flat to himself, but at this point it was a stretch to pay the rent on his own. She snapped it up pretty quick. That was a week ago. Colin hadn’t spoken to her much, but he was already fed up of the Eastern European cow.
He reached the door and idly pushed his key to the right place, but found that there was no lock. The door had been smashed in, and swung open when he pushed. He had a hundred thoughts, but “robbery” was the dominant one. The door to the flat was at the back of some shops. It had a small lawn, but wasn’t visible from anywhere. It was only a matter or time, really. He waited a moment but heard nothing, so he started up the stairs, thinking it was safe.
The door at the top of the stairs was completely destroyed. Much more than would be necessary to get in. He gingerly poked his head through, and the sight that met him made his blood immediately drain from his face, and he felt his knees go weak. The living room was trashed, and Issabella was layed on the floor. He presumed it was her, anyway, most of her was spread around the room.
Colin didn’t have time to do much, as a hand came from the side and grabbed him. He was pulled into the room and thrown to the opposite wall. He picked himself up just in time to see, what he could only describe as a part woman, part beast creature grabbed him again and slammed him against the wall a second time, causing him to black out.
When he came too, he was in a daze, his mind so foggy he had forgotten the carnage around him, and didn’t notice it either as he stumbled outside onto the lawn. As he started to come around, the sun began to rise above the city. He looked toward the dawn as things began to come back to him. Suddenly, the first rays of light broke the artificial horizon, and Colin was overwhelmed with a searing pain, not just of his body, but seemingly of his whole existence. He threw himself to the ground and again blacked out.
He came around again as the sun went down, with police milling around the entrance to the flat. They were packing up, it seemed. He overheard one naming the owner of the flat as the only suspect, and the man hunt had begun. He realised that the reason he was being ignored was that he was somehome in… part of the lawn. When the coast was clear he tried to get up, and felt himself come away from the ground. It was an odd feeling, but not as odd as his entire body felt. Everything was different. He realised that he didn’t have his glasses on anymore, they must have fallen off in the flat, but strangely he could see perfectly. And in his mouth were a pair of large, sharp fangs. He freaked out then. He ran.
Colin didn’t know what to do. He just wanted to get away from people. But where could he do that in a city? The golf course. The huge golf course next to the University. He could hide there. He was there in no time, running faster than he thought he could, and scaled the fence with absolute ease. He came to rest in an area of trees to think. For hours his head swam with strange information. By the twilight hours of the morning he was trying to fight off the foolish, but only available logical idea, “vampire”. He felt a feeling of dread from the coming sun, and this time felt himself sink, and spread into the floor to get away from it.
The next night he rose wondering what he could do with himself. He wandered out of the golf course, cautiously back onto the streets. It wasn’t long before he noticed something strange, though. People who, although looked normal, seemed strange, and smelt strange too, now that he thought of it. A couple, who met a couple more. He felt an urge to follow them. There were more groups, heading the same way: toward the Albert Hall…

Colin Cormack

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